Established in 2011 to promote economic and business relations between Spain and Greece

The Hellenic Spanish Chamber of Commerce was established in 2011 to promote economic and business relations between Spain and Greece. It is a wholly autonomous, non-for-profit organization and receives no subsidy from any government body.

It was founded by twenty two founder members, representatives of Spanish and Greek companies and professionals. And now the Chamber counts to approximately seventy five active members.


Networking and development

The Hellenic Spanish Chamber of Commerce strives for the enhancement of the Hellenic Spanish Business and Cultural relations. The Chamber pursues its mission through the organization of networking events and the development of working groups covering key business and cultural sectors, bringing together people from both communities.


Benefits and advantages

The Chamber fosters a climate of respect and understanding amongst its stakeholders, ensuring value creation for who are involved.
Members of the Hellenic Spanish Chamber enjoy several benefits and advantages. Each member has access to and benefits from events, networking and sectorial engagements, as well as information to latest developments in Spanish-Greek trade and economic issues.

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Legal office:

28, Dimitriou Soutsou Str. • GR 115 21 Athens, GREECE

Operation office:
61, Tsiller 11144 Athens Greece



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